The story of Fertilitypedia


A team of specialists in reproductive medicine (certified gynecologists, embryologists, andrologists, nurses and coordinators) with a long experience in treatment of couples and individuals dealing with infertility, came together to create this unique portal which should be available to any person around the globe seeking help to become pregnant or preserve fertility.


In just last 5 years we treated over 5.000 couples from over 20 different countries. We know that no case is ever the same and that everyone deserves individual approach to planning their pregnancy. In the same time, we recognized the need to provide structured information and guidelines for all those who are sitting at home, searching the internet and trying to find the right answers to their fertility challenge.


Fertilitypedia is a portal that provides all fertility information at one place available to anyone. Apart from learning about fertility issues and assisted reproductive technologies at Education Zone, you can evaluate your own individual fertility, receive information about possible diagnosis and search for help instantly.


You can chose to find out what is your current Chance to conceive and get tips how to improve your pregnancy chances via self-help, conventional medicine or assisted reproductive technologies. You can create your Personal Health Profile which is needed in case you need to contact any fertility specialist (online or in person) and plan your treatment. You can receive possible diagnosis to your condition and you can Find your clinic worldwide and send them your full health report with a just one click.


We want you to achieve pregnancy in shortest possible time and invite you to use this path of data collection and evaluation, as we would do if you were in our doctor´s office right now. We hope it will help you and if you ever want to share your success story with us, feel free to contact us at

The Fertilitypedia team