The Advantages of IVF in Greece – Choosing the Right Clinic For You

Greece was rated as having the 14th best national healthcare system in the world by the World Health Organization (WHO), which puts it above the UK and Germany. Greece is also, in general, a significantly lower-cost option for IVF treatment, compared with countries such as USA, UK and Germany. Fertilitypedia is connected with multiple IVF centers across the Greece and can channel you towards the best option for your physical and financial IVF-related needs.

“Greece has a very sophisticated IVF market with the highest European standards, fertility specialists that are well-known throughout the world, and high quality donors. Of course, the temperate climate with warm seas makes Greece a desirable choice too. Our success rates are definitively higher than the European IVF market average,” says dr. Robert Najdeck, MD, PhD. at Assisting Nature IVF. And other specialists agree, finding many specific advantages. “Greece has a number of factors that make it into an attractive international IVF destination. Firstly, it has favourable legislation that allows and encourages most IVF methods. Second, it is an attractive tourist destination and international patients can combine treatment with holidays. Third, it has high quality doctors, clinics and labs with extensive experience in IVF procedures. Finally, it has attractive and affordable prices, compared to other popular destinations. I believe the combination of all the above have made Greece a top international destination for IVF,” Dr. Dimitris Kavakas from EmbryoLab comments.

One of the major benefits of choosing a Greek fertility center is the factor of the low-to-no waiting lists. In some countries, such as the UK, clients can expect waiting lists of up to six months. Greek clinics across the board have very short waiting times, so you can get pregnant faster. Demand for IVF in Greece from international clientele is on the up. “Our international clients are increasing by rate of about 10-15 % per year,” states dr. Najdeck. And the number is expected to grow further. “Over the last few years there has been an increase in the number of international clients seeking IVF in our clinic. There are now hundred of patients coming from 34 countries, and this is growing,” says the clinic Genesis Athens.

The majority of IVF clinics in Greece is run privately. For international clients, this means advanced standards of general care and technological development. Combining this with strict IVF legislature means that patients are well taken care of physically with dependable legal backing. “We successfully implement new techniques, such as PGS after biopsy of trofoctoderm, advance office hysteroscopy for all reproductive patients, and have a freeze-all strategy, which are the milestones in process of increasing the success rate. We operate according to ISO 9001 and 15224 accreditation with a web based, online, realtime BEBE 4.0 monitoring application. For the high standards, reputation and quality of provided services we offer very desirable rates for those seeking IVF in the international market,” describes dr. Najdeck.

European fertility medicine has been covered by the European Tissue Directive (ETD) since 2008. This is a body of standards set up to promote strong common approaches to health and safety in IVF clinics, focusing on infection management, quality control and choice of equipment throughout Europe. All Greek assisted reproductive therapy clinics are obliged to conform to the standards set by the ETD. The Genesis Athens clinic is the longest-running clinic in Greece. “We work with over 5 000 cycles per year and have extensive experience, pioneering research protocols and excellent pregnancy rates. We also have an educational program in affiliation with Athens University to continue development of our exceptional assisted reproductive services.”

Greece recently began enforcing a new policy to limit the number of embryos that can be transferred per cycle to attempt to limit the number of multiple pregnancies. See our article What makes Greece the destination of choice for 2017 for more detailed information about the legal aspects of visiting Greece for IVF.

As the international market for IVF increases, communication channels are opening to meet the needs of various visitors speaking different languages. English is well-spoken throughout many parts of Greece due to its historic and current priorities towards international tourism, and the doctors and nurses of IVF centers speak English widely too. Many other languages are communicated in at the various centers, and Fertilitypedia can help you find the right one to suit your language preferences. “We have English, French, Albanian, Italian and Polish speaking doctors. Our international coordinators and other staff are English, German, Italian, and Serbian speaking,” specifies dr. Najdeck from Assisting Nature IVF.

Fertilitypedia connects you with your chosen clinic and eases you into consulting your specific physiological needs with the right experts. We are directly connected with the teams at clinics mentioned above, and we highly recommend creating a Personal Health Profile on Fertilitypedia to start the process of consultation.

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