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Last week we provided you with the explanation of how artificial intelligence can help being used in the online self-diagnosis Fertilitypedia tool. Today we want to highlight another unique Fertilitypedia tool which will indicate your chance to conceive.

How can our online Fertilitypedia Chance to conceive calculator help you?

This tool is intended to serve as a guide for decision-making about how and when to deal with fertility issues. The Fertilitypedia Chance to conceive calculations are based on over 30 years of clinical results.

It is, however, important to understand the limitations of an online calculation like this. Each person is unique, and chances are based on statistics.  Even people with just a 1% chance may still be able to conceive. You can even add data about your partner that enables greater accuracy.

When you are finished, check out your Personal Treatment Plan to see self-help and medical recommendations for how to improve your chances.


How are the chances to conceive calculated?

The chance for conception is calculated as a probability to achieve a vital pregnancy after one year of unprotected sexual intercourse (cumulative pregnancy rate). The calculation assumes a partner with the maximum chance to conceive. If your real partner has some risk factors (age, etc.) your actual chance to conceive will be lower.

The chance for conception for methods of assisted reproduction is calculated as a probability to achieve a vital pregnancy (cumulative pregnancy rate) after one year of undergoing at least two treatment cycles including two fresh and two frozen/thawed embryo transfers.

How to use our Fertilitypedia Chance to conceive calculator?

First you need to create your Personal Health Profile, helping you better understand what lifestyle changes and methods could improve your likelihood of conceiving. If you have results from your doctor or gynaecologist, this is the place to use them.

Using Fertilitypedia’s on-line tools is always secure. All the information you input is secure. You can edit your entry at any time. If your medical readings or your lifestyle changes you can update the questionnaire easily via the Chance to Conceive page.

Try Fertilitypedia Chances to conceive calculator today!

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