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Prague Fertility Centre showcases innovations and offers free consultations at The Fertility Show

Private fertility clinic, The Prague Fertility Centre is set to showcase its ground-breaking new IVF treatments – CATI and the Oosight imaging system – along with offering free consultations at The Fertility Show London next month. The show, which takes place from November 4 – 5 at London Olympia, aims to raise awareness of fertility issues and offer advice for the one in six couples in the UK that are struggling to become parents. The Prague Fertility Centre, which will…

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Squashing the Myth – Infertility is the Woman’s Problem

  Infertility problems can be overwhelming. They affect couples worldwide. This article will shed some light on a multi-millennial myth associated with infertility. The myth? “Infertility is a woman’s problem”. Why is this myth still engrained in so many people’s minds? Is it fueled by a superfluous society mindset that has been imbedded into many people’s minds for hundreds or even thousands of years? Is a man’s virility at stake? If society continues to educate themselves and becomes familiar with…

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Gynaecologist: If I were an infertile woman, I would want to live in the Czech Republic

“The Czech Republic is experiencing an infertility epidemic; every tenth couple has reproductive problems. However, the care provided here is at a high level and the success rate of assisted reproduction is 90%. If I were an infertile woman, I would be glad that I live here,” says Luboš Vlček, gynaecologist and physician in the field of assisted reproduction. You’re talking about the epidemy of infertility. Is it really caused by the fact that people are not in such a…

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IVF news: did you know that pregnancy causes long-term changes in your brain?

Every day science moves forward, either in small, partial steps or in quite significant discoveries. We’ll be bringing you regular news from IVF, keeping an eye on both scientific and medical advance and also inspirational stories. December brought various good news. 1. Researchers have investigated a protein called NLRP2, which plays an important role in early embryogenesis. This insight could result in better understanding and treating of reproductive disorders. The protein was shown to become more important with increasing maternal age,…

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You are unique and thus the decision of when to transfer an embryo into your womb in the course of an IVF procedure is an individual matter. In this post, we will discuss the two most frequently preferred developmental stages when an embryo can be transferred into the womb – the cleavage stage (2-3 days after fertilization) and the blastocyst stage (5-6 days after fertilization). Blastocyst versus cleavage-stage With a natural pregnancy, the embryo reaches the womb in the blastocyst…

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Why normal spermiogram is not enough to ensure men’s fertility

Sex is war. Okay, that’s a contentious statement to grab your attention, and probably not the best lens to view all of human loving and procreation through, but the fertilization process in human sex does sometimes resemble a military operation. The sperm-meets-the-egg part of reproduction is not the beginning. There is a complex saga leading-up to the moment of fertilization, one which takes thousands of sperm on a mission which none come back from. There are an array of sperm-types,…

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Following the first article introducing how pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS) works, we want to talk about who is this therapy beneficial for and how to use it best. A new study suggests PGS is not for everyone Due to the frequency of aneuploids in miscarriage, pre-implantation genetic screening for recurrent pregnancy loss patients has been recommended over the years as an alternative medical strategy for reducing miscarriage rates and improving full-term, healthy live birth odds. And just like all other…

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Why is PGS not suitable for everyone with recurrent pregnancy loss? Part I

The heartache of a miscarriage or recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) can be almost debilitating for a lot of couples trying to start a family. Many times they look to assisted reproductive techniques such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) for assistance after two or more pregnancy losses. And while the odds of a successful live birth may somewhat rise with IVF attempts, there is much discussion underway regarding whether or not to commence pre-implantation screenings (PGS), a procedure that determines and…

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Legal restrictions shouldn’t stop you on your way to conceiving a baby: Travel for an IVF Treatment

Considering an IVF treatment may be a stressful situation. People have to not only face the fact they might have some infertility issues, but they also have to deal with many practical aspects. Does my health insurance cover at least some parts of an IVF treatment? Which of them? What are the legal restrictions of IVF in my country? What if the treatment fails? IVF is not easy. It’s often a long and costly process. Now, couples are looking for…

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