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Boost Fertility with Healthy Sperm DNA

The trend towards the late desire for children continues to increase: According to statistics, couples decide later and later for a child. But the fulfilment of this life-long dream can also bring risks for your potential offspring. Life. We want to live it to the full, we want it all, but we cannot do all at once. Strangely, it is often the most wanted on the “to-do list” that gets delayed. Older parents, for example, are no longer unusual. In…

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L-Carnitine and its benefits to male fertility

When finding it difficult to conceive a baby, a couple should look at the man’s performance and sperm health in order to make the best choices in regards to finding the most effective fertility help. To enhance male fertility, there are several areas of health that must be dealt with. Stamina and performance are just two of the most important problems that men may need to deal with in order to increase their chances of having a baby with their…

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Tribulus terrestris and its role in male fertility

Tribulus terrestris is effective on the sperm parameters and sexual function in men and can be used as complementary medicine along with other treatments in infertility with male factors. Why? Lets go through all the information we know about Tribulus terrestris together. Key facts about male fertility A man’s fertility is more often restricted than entirely absent. Azoospermia is the medical condition of a man not having any sperm in his semen, which affects about 1% of the male population. Aspermia,…

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