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Meet with Dr. Watson and make your self-diagnosis

„Welcome to Self-Diagnosis. Since you are here, I suppose there is something troubling you, so let’s find out more about it. Let me ask you some questions.“ This is how your self-diagnosis will start. This is how Dr. Watson will talk to you. Why Dr. Watson? Did you already hear about Artificial Intelligence? Did you hear about IBM Watson? IBM Watson is in some sense the smartest computer on the planet. His skills are used especially in healthcare. This area…

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Guide to Prenatal Care


Finding out you’re pregnant can be a joyous occasion, but it can also be very intimidating. After getting over your initial excitement and shock, prenatal care will be the next thing on your mind. You are going to have to find a doctor and apply for insurance if you do not have it. Then you have to come up with a birth plan, submit yourself to tests and physical examinations. You may even start panicking a little bit when you…

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Understanding your hormones


You inhabit an amazing body that performs a myriad of functions every second of the day. This incredible feat is controlled by your brain and co-ordinated by your hormones. Millions of women are affected by hormonal changes throughout their lives but have little idea about how or why. Hormonal imbalances can lead to: Fatigue & exhaustion Weight gain Increased stress Mood swings/irritability Poor concentration Poor memory Hot flushes Night sweats Lack of libido Depression/anxiety What are hormones and how do…

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Hair Loss Causes And Solutions (Infographic)

Medication Hair Loss

Though none of us would like to lose hair, the reality is that almost eight out of ten people complain of hair loss after a certain age. Hence, it is important to find out ways and means by which the problem can be prevented and a solution can be found out. Let us learn more about it over the next few lines. Genetics There is no doubt that our genetics and DNA composition has a big role to play as…

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The Realities of Hepatitis C in 2018


You’ve probably heard about Hepatitis C. There are regularly commercials advertising medications that treat the issue. Perhaps you have an acquaintance that has been afflicted by the virus. Or maybe you’re concerned that you’ve somehow contracted the virus. Unfortunately, there’s also a lot of misunderstanding about Hepatitis C, how it varies from other strains of Hepatitis, and how it can be treated. These misunderstandings often lead to fear, frustration, and confusion. If that’s you, have no fear. The issue really isn’t…

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The evolution of the family – will nuclear family survive in our changing world?

nuklearni rodina

When you hear the term “nuclear family”, you may think of The Simpsons, wherein a married couple, Homer and Marge, live together under one roof with their three children. While this is the traditional model of the nuclear family, as we have known it since the days of the Industrial Revolution, the standard family structure has been redefined over the past several decades, starting in the 1960s, when alternatives to the stereotypical heterosexual married couple with an average of 2.4…

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Squashing the Myth – Infertility is the Woman’s Problem


  Infertility problems can be overwhelming. They affect couples worldwide. This article will shed some light on a multi-millennial myth associated with infertility. The myth? “Infertility is a woman’s problem”. Why is this myth still engrained in so many people’s minds? Is it fueled by a superfluous society mindset that has been imbedded into many people’s minds for hundreds or even thousands of years? Is a man’s virility at stake? If society continues to educate themselves and becomes familiar with…

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Gynaecologist: If I were an infertile woman, I would want to live in the Czech Republic


“The Czech Republic is experiencing an infertility epidemic; every tenth couple has reproductive problems. However, the care provided here is at a high level and the success rate of assisted reproduction is 90%. If I were an infertile woman, I would be glad that I live here,” says Luboš Vlček, gynaecologist and physician in the field of assisted reproduction. You’re talking about the epidemy of infertility. Is it really caused by the fact that people are not in such a…

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You are unique and thus the decision of when to transfer an embryo into your womb in the course of an IVF procedure is an individual matter. In this post, we will discuss the two most frequently preferred developmental stages when an embryo can be transferred into the womb – the cleavage stage (2-3 days after fertilization) and the blastocyst stage (5-6 days after fertilization). Blastocyst versus cleavage-stage With a natural pregnancy, the embryo reaches the womb in the blastocyst…

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In previous articles (I and II) we took a look at the clinical background and recent findings in the PGS field. Now it’s time to examine closely concerns and limits related to the procedure. Because, like every other procedure, it does have its risks which, before attempting to setting out on the path hopefully leading to desired pregnancy, should be considered. Decreased ovarian reserve Among recurrent pregnancy loss patients with a decreased ovarian reserve (low number of quality viable eggs…

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