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Share your best experience with your IVF clinic

We are helping to get pregnant We know that dealing with infertility issues can be complicated and scary. That is why we help couples and singles find their way through the jargon and stress of the journey. You can use Fertilitypedia to prepare for your first clinic visit or simply to get more information on preventive measures and holistic treatments. And when you are ready, we can help find the right fertility clinic for you around the world! We are…

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No waiting list and high-quality IVF treatment using top innovative technologies at Prague Fertility Centre, Czech Republic

There is no waiting list for starting your treatment at Prague Fertility Centre. The timeliness of planning your IVF treatment complements the geographical location. Both Czech Republic and its capital Prague are very easily reachable by either plane or direct, modern bus and train lines. But most importantly, given its results, Prague Fertility Centre is one of the most successful assisted reproduction clinics in Europe. It is the most innovative fertility clinic in the Czech Republic, having its very own…

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Prague Fertility Centre showcases innovations and offers free consultations at The Fertility Show

Private fertility clinic, The Prague Fertility Centre is set to showcase its ground-breaking new IVF treatments – CATI and the Oosight imaging system – along with offering free consultations at The Fertility Show London next month. The show, which takes place from November 4 – 5 at London Olympia, aims to raise awareness of fertility issues and offer advice for the one in six couples in the UK that are struggling to become parents. The Prague Fertility Centre, which will…

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Optimized embryo transfer with EmbryoGlue®

Prague Fertility Centre offers their patients modern methods to increase the chance of pregnancy. Recently, the clinic introduced EmbryoGlue® transfer medium for optimizing transfer procedure. Embryo transfer is one of the most sensitive and critical procedures in IVF treatment. Implantation of embryos still presents a challenge to the clinicians since it is a multistage process which includes zona hatching, apposition and adhesion of blastocyst followed by an invasion of trophoblast into the uterine endometrium. There are several reasons why embryos…

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Prague Fertility Centre moves towards cleavage-stage embryo transfer strategy

Based on the most recent studies, we favor the transfer of cleavage-stage embryos to improve the treatment success with respect to feto-maternal safety. Traditionally, cleavage-stage embryos were transferred on day 3, but over the past decade advances in cell culture media have led to a shift in in vitro fertilization (IVF) practice from cleavage-stage embryo transfer to blastocyst stage (day 5) transfer. Embryo transfer at blastocyst stage has become the strategy of choice for most clinics worldwide, with the aim…

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