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Boosting Fertility Through Good Sleep


/sponsored article/ Sleep deprivation is now a global epidemic, with scientists warning that a lack of sleep is strongly linked to heart disease, obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and other disorders. Not getting enough quality sleep can affect you in an additional way – by interfering with fertility. The very latest research shows that good sleep should be a priority when you are trying to conceive, regardless of whether you are a man or woman. Sleep Disorders and Female Infertility Researchers…

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Obesity: What Constitutes Obesity, The Risks, and How to Combat It


What exactly is obesity? Is it just having a little tummy fat? And what are the risks associated with obesity? And how can you combat it? We lay out everything you need to know. It’s common knowledge that the obesity rates and trends in the United States are grim. So grim, in fact, that according to the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention, more than one-third of U.S. adults are dealing with obesity (that’s about 36.5 percent of adults in…

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The Realities of Hepatitis C in 2018


You’ve probably heard about Hepatitis C. There are regularly commercials advertising medications that treat the issue. Perhaps you have an acquaintance that has been afflicted by the virus. Or maybe you’re concerned that you’ve somehow contracted the virus. Unfortunately, there’s also a lot of misunderstanding about Hepatitis C, how it varies from other strains of Hepatitis, and how it can be treated. These misunderstandings often lead to fear, frustration, and confusion. If that’s you, have no fear. The issue really isn’t…

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The evolution of the family – will nuclear family survive in our changing world?

nuklearni rodina

When you hear the term “nuclear family”, you may think of The Simpsons, wherein a married couple, Homer and Marge, live together under one roof with their three children. While this is the traditional model of the nuclear family, as we have known it since the days of the Industrial Revolution, the standard family structure has been redefined over the past several decades, starting in the 1960s, when alternatives to the stereotypical heterosexual married couple with an average of 2.4…

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Squashing the Myth – Infertility is the Woman’s Problem


  Infertility problems can be overwhelming. They affect couples worldwide. This article will shed some light on a multi-millennial myth associated with infertility. The myth? “Infertility is a woman’s problem”. Why is this myth still engrained in so many people’s minds? Is it fueled by a superfluous society mindset that has been imbedded into many people’s minds for hundreds or even thousands of years? Is a man’s virility at stake? If society continues to educate themselves and becomes familiar with…

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Gynaecologist: If I were an infertile woman, I would want to live in the Czech Republic


“The Czech Republic is experiencing an infertility epidemic; every tenth couple has reproductive problems. However, the care provided here is at a high level and the success rate of assisted reproduction is 90%. If I were an infertile woman, I would be glad that I live here,” says Luboš Vlček, gynaecologist and physician in the field of assisted reproduction. You’re talking about the epidemy of infertility. Is it really caused by the fact that people are not in such a…

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IVF news: did you know that pregnancy causes long-term changes in your brain?


Every day science moves forward, either in small, partial steps or in quite significant discoveries. We’ll be bringing you regular news from IVF, keeping an eye on both scientific and medical advance and also inspirational stories. December brought various good news. 1. Researchers have investigated a protein called NLRP2, which plays an important role in early embryogenesis. This insight could result in better understanding and treating of reproductive disorders. The protein was shown to become more important with increasing maternal age,…

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Why normal spermiogram is not enough to ensure men’s fertility


Sex is war. Okay, that’s a contentious statement to grab your attention, and probably not the best lens to view all of human loving and procreation through, but the fertilization process in human sex does sometimes resemble a military operation. The sperm-meets-the-egg part of reproduction is not the beginning. There is a complex saga leading-up to the moment of fertilization, one which takes thousands of sperm on a mission which none come back from. There are an array of sperm-types,…

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“Relax and You Shall Conceive” The Myth of Psychology and Infertility


Thanks to modern science we can identify and diagnose the causes of most infertility cases. However, there are still those cases which science cannot identify an exact cause… yet. The human reproductive system is part of a vastly complex organism, the human body, which is host to a huge amount of interdependent hormones, nerves, cells, bacteria, etc. These are replenished and regulated with incredible consistency and efficiency. Because of this complexity, treating infertility often requires a scientifically holistic approach. And…

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9 tips for men’s fertility: make your sperm count


Sex is one of the few activities in life which can deeply engage all your senses at once with a partner. It’s immersive. That’s why it’s so damn good when it’s good. You touch, taste, smell, see, and hear each other and move together in your own shared rhythm. So when a schedule and tests and worries and demands and anxieties show up in your sex life with the issue of infertility, relaxing into your sensual experience might become a…

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