Hair Loss Causes And Solutions (Infographic)

Though none of us would like to lose hair, the reality is that almost eight out of ten people complain of hair loss after a certain age. Hence, it is important to find out ways and means by which the problem can be prevented and a solution can be found out. Let us learn more about it over the next few lines.

Infographic Hair Loss Causes


There is no doubt that our genetics and DNA composition has a big role to play as far as hair loss and hair thinning is concerned. People who suffer from pattern baldness usually get it from their parents or forefathers and therefore there is a genetic disposition to it. If you have family members suffering from severe, moderate or total hair loss, it is quite likely that you also could be a victim of it.

Poor Nutrition

Hair at the end of the day is protein along with other important nutrients including a host of vitamins and minerals. Hence, if you suffer from food habits which are poor in quality, then it is quite likely that you could suffer from different stage of hair loss. Therefore, if you come across somebody with hair loss where genetics is not a problem, then you can be reasonably sure that their food habits could have a role to play. You must seriously get closer into their nutrition habits and make corrections wherever necessary.

Hormonal Changes

There are many studies to suggest that changes in hormonal secretion patterns could have a major role to play as far as hair growth and skin condition and texture is concerned. Hence it is important for you to check the hormone levels if you find that there is a sudden deterioration in the quality of hair and if you believe that your quantity of hair is also thinning for no obvious reasons.

Stress And Tension

There is a close relation between hair loss and stress. Stress again leads to increased secretion of certain hormones and the same could have a dampening impact on a person’s hair growth. There are research studies to prove this and therefore you must always try and stay away from tension and stress as much as possible. There have been many instances where a sad news or the death of a near and dear could trigger sudden and unexplained hair loss.


There are some medications which could literally play havoc with our hair growth and rejuvenation. People who are into chemotherapy would most certainly suffer from massive hair loss and at times the damage is so severe that it cannot be reversed.


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Picture: Nhtindia / Wikimedia Commons – licenced under CC BY-SA 4.0

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