What are the legal requirements for assisted reproduction in the Czech Republic?


The Czech Republic enjoys a liberal legislation on assisted reproduction that allows for a wide range of infertility treatment options. All methods of assisted reproduction – except cloning and gender selection for non-medical indications – are allowed.

Only heterosexual couples can receive infertility treatment at clinics in the Czech Republic. Another important aspect is that there shouldn’t be a family relationship between the partners that would exclude marriage. However, marriage itself is not a pre-condition.

The legal age limit for women who undergo fertility treatments is 49 years of age, i.e. the woman should be no older than 48 years and 364 days on the day of her embryotransfer. There is no age limit for men. Assisted reproduction procedures are performed upon a written request that must be signed by both partners. The couple needs to re-consent before each new attempt.

Reproductive cells may come from the couple that undergoes the fertility treatment, or they can be donated by registered donors. In the Czech Republic, eggs, embryos and sperm can be legally donated. Every donor – male or female – must hold a full health insurance in the Czech Republic and is required to pass the appropriate exams to determine if they are suitable to donate. The female donors must be between 18 and 35 years of age, whereas the male donors must be between 18 and 40 years of age. All donors must be and remain anonymous.


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