Meet with Dr. Watson and make your self-diagnosis

Welcome to Self-Diagnosis. Since you are here, I suppose there is something troubling you, so let’s find out more about it. Let me ask you some questions.“ This is how your self-diagnosis will start. This is how Dr. Watson will talk to you. Why Dr. Watson?

Did you already hear about Artificial Intelligence? Did you hear about IBM Watson?

IBM Watson is in some sense the smartest computer on the planet. His skills are used especially in healthcare. This area is ideal for IBM Watson and his artificial intelligence because he can process and analyse millions statistical data directly from patients. Conclusions are being used to suggest a procedure for the treatment. All this considering the individual needs and characteristics of the patient. And this is how Fertilitypedia self-diagnosis works.

Self-diagnosis collects details about your symptoms and narrows your possible diagnoses. The better we understand your current state of health the better we offer the most effective solutions.

Completing the self-diagnosis will speed  up any contact you have with your doctors, and you will be better oriented and informed by going through it and reading the information we give.

In Self-diagnosis Dr. Watson starts with questions about your body and general health, and then gradually asks more specific questions.

self-diagnosis fertilitypedia IBM watson

Once you have a possible diagnosis you can click on it to get detailed information on causes, symptoms and treatments for the condition, including scientific imaging to aid your understanding. This is a detailed description of what could be going on with you or your partner.

Your possible diagnoses can be saved to your Personal Health Profile. You can delete all your user information by clicking “Delete account” within the “Profile” menu on the top right-hand corner of the site.

Try self-diagnosis today so you can be more informed the next time you see your doctor!

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