Your Personal Health Profile

Answering our questions and sharing your information with us allows us to build a profile, useful to both us and you. Your Personal Health Profile becomes a hub of information about you and your partner (if you have one). We will use it as a reference for any contact you make with us and you can use it to gain an overview of your progress in your IVF treatment.

The best way to get started creating your Personal Health Profile is to check your Chance to Conceive and then register to save the result.  You’ll automatically have created your Profile.

You can also show the information to any other clinics/professionals should you choose to get a second opinion. This will give them an overview and understanding of your current health.

You can keep this anonymous if you choose. You do not have to provide your name and date of birth to make a Personal Health Profile on Fertilitypedia. If you do want to take further steps and contact a clinic we will require your credentials to ensure a validity of the information provided.

The Personal Health Profile is easy to view and amend at any time. Just click on the profile button at the top right of the Fertilitypedia website and select Personal Health Profile.

There you can share various details about you and your partner’s sexual and general health. If you have it, you can share previous diagnosis records and spermiogram data.

It is easy to get started. We hope you waste no time and get started today!

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