Prague Fertility Centre showcases innovations and offers free consultations at The Fertility Show

Private fertility clinic, The Prague Fertility Centre is set to showcase its ground-breaking new IVF treatments – CATI and the Oosight imaging system – along with offering free consultations at The Fertility Show London next month.

The show, which takes place from November 4 – 5 at London Olympia, aims to raise awareness of fertility issues and offer advice for the one in six couples in the UK that are struggling to become parents. The Prague Fertility Centre, which will be exhibiting on stand D16, will be offering free consultations during the event with senior specialists.

In addition, it will be showcasing the various fertility treatments it offers, alongside two revolutionary fertility treatments: CATI (Cognitive automation of time-lapse images) and the Oosight imaging system. CATI is the first automated system for using artificial intelligence to recognise and sort embryos, playing an important role in IVF and boosting pregnancy success rates by 30–40%. The Oosight imaging system is a cutting-edge technique which offers a much cheaper option for detecting optimal timing for fertilisation in higher maternal age and poor responders, and gives a quantitative and reproducible method to measure biological disruption of spindle apparatus. It can be used as a noninvasive method to reveal the aneuploid embryos and minimise the risk of abortion.

dr-daniel-hlinkaMr Daniel Hlinka, the co-owner and Head Embryologist at The Prague Fertility Centre, who also pioneered the CATI system says, “With so many fertility options available today, it can be difficult for couples to know what’s best for them, but what’s important to remember is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to fertility treatment. This is why we individually help each couple, providing innovative, comprehensive and evidence-based fertility and gynaecology treatments.
“As innovators in the IVF field, we are constantly researching new methods and modernising our equipment and treatments to deliver the best results. CATI and the Oosight imaging system have enabled us to help build on the high success rates we already have, and allow for an easier journey to parenthood. It’s important to us that each new life is more than just work, it’s our passion. We believe that empathy and transparency are key in the IVF process and we hope that through our free consultations at The Fertility Show London, we can provide clarity for couples on what their best options for them are, improving their success rates,” he added.
The consultations aim to answer any questions and to advise on next steps for couples and individuals wanting to start their IVF journey. To book one of the limited consultations, please fill in the booking form here.

About Prague Fertility Centre
The Prague Fertility Centre is a private fertility clinic, which brings the most recent scientific findings into practice alongside the latest technology advances to deliver the best results for its patients.

Based in Prague, the centre has a unique approach that individually helps each couple and provides innovative, comprehensive, evidence-based fertility and gynaecology treatments through its team of top professionals.

The Prague Fertility Centre was one of the very first IVF Centres worldwide to introduce a time lapse monitoring system – PrimoVision – into its daily routine and recently pioneered the first automated system for using artificial intelligence to recognise and sort embryos according to selected morphokinetic criteria obtained from time-lapse systems, improving success rates.

It also offers an anonymous egg donation scheme with no wait time and a unique guarantee programme, which provides patients with their money back if their pregnancy is unsuccessful after three rounds of IVF treatment.

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