Unique IVF methods from Prague

Prague Fertility Centre

Successful, economical and innovative methods of the Czech IVF Clinic at the Fertility Show in London.

Our clinic Prague Fertility Centre is one of the most important innovators in the field of IVF medicine and it has been one of the most successful clinics in Europe (more about the clinic here).

In the process of artificial fertilization, the clinic uses a range of advanced methods and procedures that it either developed itself, was first to implement in practice, initiated their development, or confirmed their benefit.

With the scope and quality of services the clinic meets the motto of the The Fertility Show: „Find out everything you need to know in one place, at one time.“

The Prague Fertility Center can be found at the D16 stand as well as the last year. An extraordinary opportunity – the co-founder of the clinic and experienced leading embryologist Dr. Daniel Hlinka shall be personally present this year.

Visit us on November 3 and 4 at the Fertility Show or use the possibility of on-line consultation: Get in touch.

We look forward to meeting you.


Daniel HlinkaEmbryologist Daniel Hlinka is the “father” of the first child born in 1994 using ICSI (transmission of a single sperm to the egg under a microscope), he contributed to the introduction of pre-implant genetic diagnostics (PGD) into clinical practice, he first introduced embryo monitoring with the prediction of chromosomal anomalies into practice and he is the author of the CATI (Cognitive Automation of Time-lapse Images) project.

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