How to use the Chance to conceive calculator

Your Personal Health Profile

Fertilitypedia’s Chance to Conceive calculator gives you the opportunity to input you and your partner’s vital information and generate an individual and coupled a chance of conception. This is shown as a percentage. We take all kinds of information on your health which may affect your fertility, and we use this to create a Personal Treatment Plan.

From understanding your fertility to improving the chances to conceive

You do not need to sign up to complete this questionnaire, and you do not have to fill out all the fields. However, the more information you can provide, the more accurate the estimation. And if you do sign up to Fertilitypedia, this information will contribute to your Personal Health Profile, helping you better understand what lifestyle changes and methods could improve your likelihood of conceiving.

If you have results from your doctor or gynecologist, this is the place to use them.

We are looking for:

• Your gender
• Your age
• Your BMI (you can calculate this on the Chance to conceive page)
• Your relationship status
• Whether you suffer from certain conditions
• Certain lifestyle factors
• Any risky sports you participate in
• Whether your occupation has a potential risk of affecting your fertility
• Your hormonal profile analysis
• Your (or your partner’s) spermiogram values
• Any sexual and/or other fertility conditions

How to read the result

This information is compared with data from over 20 years of clinical results, and you are given three probabilities (as percentages):

1. The chances of conceiving over one year of unprotected sexual intercourse at your current state of health, without your partner’s information.
2. The chances of conceiving over one year of unprotected sexual intercourse at you and your partner’s current state of health.
3. The chances of conceiving with methods of assisted reproduction after one year of undergoing at least two treatment cycles, including two fresh and two frozen/thawed embryo transfers.

This will show you what lifestyle changes could improve your likelihood of conceiving soon.

Using Fertilitypedia’s on-line tools is always secure

The Fertilitypedia specialists will have access to this information if you contact us. All the
information you input is secure and is recorded so we can speed­up the process of improving your fertility.

You can edit your entry at any time. If your medical readings or your lifestyle changes you can
update the questionnaire easily via the Chance to Conceive page.

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