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Gender Name Description
Blastocyst The mammalian blastula formed during development where the inner cell mass can be found which forms the embryo.
Cumulus oophorus A group of granulosa cells that support the oocyte in an antral follicle.
Embryo A multicellular diploid eukaryote in an early stage of embryogenesis, or development.
Endometrial cell Cells composing an inner layer of the uterine lining.
Endometrial mucosa A membrane that forms the upper layer of endometrium that lines uterine cavity, in which fertilized eggs are implanted.
Endometrium The innermost layer of uterus forming the uterine lumen where the implantation of an oocyte happens.
Endosalpinx The innermost layer of the Fallopian tube wall.
Granulosa cells A somatic cell (any cell that makes up an organism, except for a reproductive cell) of the sex cord that is closely associated with the developing fem
Leydig cell The cell found in interstitial tissue of testicles responsible for production of androgens - male hormones.
Oocyte A female germ cell involved in reproduction.
Sertoli cells The cell in seminiferous epithelium responsible for nutrition and development of germ (sperm) cells.
Sperm A male reproductive cell which is able to fertilize the counterpart female gamete - the oocyte.
Spermatogonium An undifferentiated male germ cell with self-renewing capacity representing the first stage of spermatogenesis.
Zygote The cell formed by the union of a sperm and an oocyte.
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