Natural procreative technology is a natural method of infertility treatment. NaProTechnology uses mainly modern imaging methods such as ultrasound and regular blood sampling to find out, if there is some physical barrier or hormonal imbalance, which is causing the problem to conceive. In compare to assisted reproduction, this method is focused on natural conception via sexual intercourse. 

Natural procreative technology is a systematic approach to infertility which is based on a study of every single individual patient, every event during ovulation and during menstrual cycle. Patient is educated about ovulatory and menstrual cycles and is taught to monitor biomarkers (a measurable indicator of some biological state or condition) during the cycle. One of the purposes is to be equal partner to the physician during the treatment. 

Another purpose is to find the abnormality, which causes the fertility problem in an indivudual. Very often the abnormalities include decreased estrogen and progesterone levels (which leads to irregular ovulation and menstruation), intermenstrual bleeding or spotting, decreased cervical mucus or short luteal phase (phase of the menstrual cycle which begins after ovulation and ends when the period starts). 

Once the abnormality is found, the physician determines a course of treatment which can correct the underlying problem. Induction or stimulaiton of ovulation, drugs which can increase the amount of cervical mucous and hormonal replacement therapy are main medications used for help. 

One of the advantage is that patients are capable of determinate the precise time of ovulation due to increase of several biomarkers, which leads to higher chance of spontaneous conception.

NPT is not an option for couples with ovarian failure (a loss of normal function of your ovaries before age 40), bilateral fallopian tube occlusion (blocked fallopian tubes on both sides) and azoospermia (semen contains no sperm). 

Women over 35, couples, who spent more than 6 years trying, couples who previously tried ART and couples without previous birth have lower probability of conception.

This technology is new and longer and bigger studies are necessary to determine whether NPT treatment have fewer long-term health risk for resulting children than assisted reproductive techniques.

Studies have shown, that 75% couples have a live birth with NPT concieve within 12 months, but it may take up to 24 months for a full treatment course, which must couples choosing NPT understand.

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