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    Dr Mattheos Fraidakis

    Dr. Mattheos Fraidakis MD, PhD Consultant in Obstetrics – Gynaecology, Reproductive Endocrinology and Surgery

    Association memberships: 1) European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (E.S.H.R.E.) 2) American Society for Reproduction Medicine (A.S.R.M.) 3) European Society of Gynaecological Endoscopy (E.S.G.E.) 4) Greek Society of Fertility & Infertility

    Education: 1) PhD at Athens University, 2) Clinical Fellow and Visiting Lecturer at the Joint Academic Unit of Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Reproductive Physiology at the Royal London Hospital Medical College, University of London, 3) IVF UNIT, Royal London Hospital 4) Scientific Director IVF Unit Crete Fertility Centre

    Specialization and experience: As Clinical and Scientific Director of the IVF Unit, Crete Fertility Centre in Heraklion, Crete, Greece, since its foundation in 1993, Dr Fraidakis has had the privilege of successfully offering quality services in assisted reproduction to the highest clinical and scientific standards never losing focus of the specific needs of couples who have sought care at Crete Fertility Centre where his clinical activities range from 5000 births of healthy children following successful IVF programmes.

    Languages: English, Italian

About clinic

Crete Fertility Centre, established more than 24 years ago by Dr Mattheos Fraidakis, has a long history in provision of quality services in assisted reproduction and reproductive surgery to the highest clinical and scientific standards without losing focus on the specific needs of couples who have sought care at Crete Fertility Centre

Before founding Crete Fertility Centre Dr Fraidakis was appointed for 3 years as clinical fellow and assistant researcher in the Academic Unit of Obstetrics, – Gynecology and & Reproduction Physiology, directed by Professor J.G.Grudzinskas, at the Royal London Hospital.

During this time Dr Fraidakis was also invited to join the medical team at Bridge Fertility Centre, one of the largest centers of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) in UK, at London Bridge Hospital. He also acted as visiting lecturer to the Academic Unit at the Royal London Hospital in ART and endoscopic surgery.

The international level, state of the art facilities, ensure that the highest quality of care is available. Medical and laboratory equipment are the most modern currently available, while standards of hygiene, health and safety are exemplary, in full compliance with the highest and strictest levels in Europe, that has already be confirmed by ISO Certification 9001:2008.

It is noteworthy that Crete Fertility Centre is located on the seafront in one of the biggest and most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, Crete. Thus, it is not surprising that couples travelling to this familiar holiday destination find that the tranquil setting on this beautiful island, lessens the inevitable anxiety and tension of imminent fertility treatment.

Add to this, our cost effective pricing policy (compared to other European and worldwide countries) and the highest standards medical expertise, science and health, establishes Crete Fertility Centre as the best choice for cost, effectiveness and safety for all ART needs.

All these are also highlighted in Dr. Matthaios Fraidakis ' salutation:

Dear friends,

For the past 24 years I have been blessed to witness more than 5.000 couples, leaving Crete Fertility Centre with a  baby in their arms, after being treated with the latest in assisted reproduction treatments.

Through my experience though, I have realized that a highly trained doctor and medical staff, state of the art laboratory equipment and clinic are merely the means to a successful miracle of Life.

I realize that the essence of assisted reproduction’s success is the personal involvement we practice through treating each couple as a unique entity. I believe in providing specialized, scientific & ethical advice, tailor made to your individual medical needs in order to achieve optimum results for each couple.

Our priority is offering you custom made solutions, with best practice and methods, following the virtuous paths of security, efficiency and sufficiency.

Our current high success rates, reaching 48% to 52% pregnancy rates, make us very optimistic for the future and we feel assured, that we will help many couples to hold in their arms and embrace healthy & beautiful babies.

Your smile, their smile, is the best reward for us.


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    Clinic's equipment

    The equipment at Crete Fertility Centre is according to international standards, committed to keeping up to date on the latest developments in assisted reproduction technology, thus ensuring the availability of the latest advances for patient care. There is also active continuing education and training of physicians, embryologists and other personnel in our laboratory.