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Sangla 63, 50407 Tartu, Estonia (Show on map)

Therapies and costs

Pick one or more of the following most popular assisted reproduction therapies and social freezing

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About clinic

More than 50 top physicians. 

Minimum 10 egg guarantee

In total program we guarantee 10 eggs and in partial program we guarantee 5 eggs.

A good choice of egg donors

Our egg donors suite well to patients from Scandinavia by phenotype and temperament. A recipient can herself choose a donor she really likes.

No waiting list

Elite Clinic has no waiting list for any kind of treatment. As soon as You are ready, You can start a treatment of:

egg donation (our own egg donor bank)
egg donor sharing
embryo adoption (embryo donation) – both fresh and frozen
sperm donation (our own sperm donor bank)
infertility investigation

Professional IVF team

Our IVF laboratory team has remained the same for 15 years – only experienced professionals. Head of Elite Clinic and IVF department Dr Andrei Sõritsa , PhD, is very experienced and well-known IVF specialist. First IVF baby in the Baltic countries was born in 1995 as a result of our team work. The field of infertility treatment in Estonia is regulated since 1997 by a law “Assisted Fertilization and Protection of the Embryo” and Dr Andrei Sõritsa was a part of a workgroup compiling the law.

We follow ESHRE`s good practice guide

Elite Clinic acts according to ESHRE’s good practice guide for cross-border reproductive care for centers and practitioners

Elite Clinic – Best Medicine and Life Science Entrepreneur of the Year 2012

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