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Urosa Predica, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia (Show on map)

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About clinic

Special gynecologic hospital “Genesis” started working on the 4 of February. 2006., in Novi Sad, as the first private gynecologic
hospital in autonomous region of Vojvodina (in the northern part of Serbia). Special gynecologic hospital “Genesis” is among the first private gynecologic hospitals in Serbia. In the hospital “Genesis” there are 2 fully equipped gynecologic rooms with high-resolution 4D ultrasound units GE Voluson S8 and GE Voluson E6 and colposcopic microscope, as well as laboratory (used for amniocentesis and cordocentesis), 2 operation
rooms with state-of-the-art laparoscopic equipment Richard Wolf 3CCD HD and  devices for anesthesia and sterilization, and 4 luxurious rooms with 9 beds (TV, internet). The hospital meets highest standards in infrastructure, tehnology and staff for the treatment of infertility, performing variousgynecologic procedures and monitoring of pregnancies, especially risky ones. The hospital has concluded contracts with more than 60 companies in Serbia and abroad. Also, we have active cooperation with foreign pharmaceutical companies and their regional offices in Serbia, amongst others, with Pharma Swiss (Switzerland), Merc Serano (Germany), GE Medical. In our hospital, UNIQA and Delta Generali Group policy holders are also treated. The hospital has vivid collaboration with IVC Clinic Wunch Baby from Austria and Gynem from Czech Republic. From
2009, the hospital is acknowledged as referent institution for infertility treatment by Republic Institute for Health Insurance, based on the results and high percentage of successful in vitro fertilizations performed. In the programs of gynecology, gynecologic surgery,
breast diagnostics and surgery, genetic laboratory and IVF, we treat over 5000 patient per year. In our hospital, a large number of the EU citizens with current adress in Novi Sad and Serbia are treated. We are especially proud of the fact that there is a constant and significant increase in the number ofpatients from the countries of EU, who are treated for infertility in our hospital. Our babies grow up in Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Great Britain, Hungary, USA and regional countries, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro. In the means of national and commercial program of IVF in our hospital more than 800 IVF cycles are performed per year. Our aim is to inrease this number to 1200 a year until 2017.

Special gynecologic hospital "Genesis" treats 37-42% of all the patients treated for infertility in Serbia, in the
means of national and commercial program. According to statistics of Republic Health Insurance Fund, "Genesis" is recognized as the institution
with the highest percentage of success in the national program for IVF in 2013. and 2014. Prevalence of pregnancies in 2013. was 56,2% in all the patient groups. Prevalence of pregnancies in the 2014 and 2015. was 57,6% in all the patients groups. Prevalence of deliveries was between 79,7% and 80,5%. Since our start until nowadays, over 2000 babies were born with our assistance, living and growing up in all continents.

Quality and accreditations - ISO 9001:2008, ICERITAS Quadal 2016-2018, ISO/IEC 17025:2005

The IVF & Gynecological Hospital Genesis offers the following services: • Diagnostics and sterility treatment with the latest IVF methods • Pregnancy monitoring • Gynecology • Gynecological surgery (laparoscopy and hysteroscopy) • Breast diagnostics and surgery • Genetic laboratory • Psychological counseling

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