North Cyprus IVF Center

143 Bedrettin Demirel Caddesi, 99010 Nicosia, Cyprus - North (Show on map)

Therapies and costs

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About clinic

North Cyprus IVF Center was first established in 1998 and became a fully functioning infertility clinic in 2001. North Cyprus IVF Center is the very first IVF Clinic in Northern Cyprus and has been a pioneer in fertility treatments on the island. Our managing director and chief of surgery, Dr. Savas Ozyigit has been a pioneer in the field of medicine in Northern Cyprus. As the very first certified IVF specialist in North Cyprus, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ozyigit has introduced many firsts on the island in the field of assisted reproductive science. As the recipient of several awards for excellence, Dr. Ozyigit offers highest success rates on the island through his own expertise and own methods.

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