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Brucellosis treatments

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How can Brucellosis affect fertility

Male fertility

Epididymoorchitis is a focal form of human brucellosis with an incidence of 2–20% in patients with brucellosis. Brucella species cause granulomatous orchitis usually presenting as an acute or chronic unilateral swelling of the testis. Epididymoorchitis can be seen as a subsequent part of systemic disease after the previous diagnosis of Brucellosis. However, although the occurrence of Brucellar epididymoorchitis as the presenting finding is an extremely rare manifestation of Brucellosis, patients can rarely apply to the clinicians with acute scrotum as an initial finding.

Female fertility

A high rate of spontaneous abortion was a more consistent finding rather than high rates of preterm delivery and intrauterine fetal death in pregnant women with brucellosis. The occurrence of abortion was not associated with the magnitude of serum agglutination titre or the clinical type of disease. The novel replication profiles of Brucella in human trophoblasts give insights into the pathogenesis of infectious abortion. Brucellosis is a risk factor for women’s general health and reproduction as well as for many obstetric complications during pregnancy, of which spontaneous abortion is the mostly known.

Pic. 1: Brucella spp.
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