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This application helps to propose an appropriate fertility therapy method and to find the most suitable clinic worldwide based on the price, duration and legislative options of the treatment in various countries.

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How can Cardiovascular disease affect fertility

Female fertility

Women who have been diagnosed with a heart condition should check with their physician to see if treatment and pregnancy are safe for them. Fortunately, there are options like egg donation and/or surrogacy to help build a family if health would be at risk.

Male fertility 

According to a study conducted at Stanford University, there is a link between normal sperm status and overall health. After studying the records of nearly 10,000 men, the researchers found that about half the men had abnormal sperm. Taking it a step further, they also found that heart, vascular and blood pressure problems could have played a role in causing their infertility. The study authors recommend that men try to decrease stress and stick to a Mediterranean diet to improve their fertility while decreasing blood pressure.

Pic. 1: Coronary Artery Disease
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