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This application helps to propose an appropriate fertility therapy method and to find the most suitable clinic worldwide based on the price, duration and legislative options of the treatment in various countries.

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Cesarean section treatments

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How can Cesarean section affect fertility

A lot of women subjected to CD (Caesarian delivery) can easily get pregnant even within 2 months after the operation. There is a general consensus among obstetricians and women that CS has little compromise of future fertility. Unfortunately, this consensus is not based on respectable studies. 

Surgery may cause tissue ischemia (a restriction in blood supply to tissues) which is a predisposing factor for adhesion (fibrous bands that form between tissues and organs) formation. Subsequently, suppression of fibrinolysis (a process that prevents blood clots from growing and becoming problematic) and persistence of fibrin protein involved in the clotting of blood) follow. Infertility may end when adhesions distort the tissues of the ovaries and tubes, impeding the normal passage of the egg (ovum) from the ovary to the uterus.

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