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Endometritis treatments

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How can Endometritis affect fertility

In some cases, endometritis can be associated with infertility. Though the exact mechanisms are yet to be fully understood, inflammation of the endometrium seems to interfere with oocyte fertilization and embryonic implantation. The relationship between chronic endometritis and infertility-related conditions has recently emerged as an area of inquiry.

Possible infertility-related conditions include for example repeated implantation failure (i. e. failure to conceive following two or three embryo transfer cycles or cumulative transfer of 10 good quality embryos), and recurrent miscarriage.

Untreated chronic endometritis thus seems to disrupt both spontaneous conception and IVF cycles (i. e. sequence of steps including in vitro fertilization, from monitoring and stimulating woman’s ovarian function to implantation of a fertilized egg to the patient’s uterus). Moreover, it can play a part in obstetric complications, such as intrauterine infections, preterm delivery, and postpartum endometritis.

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