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How can Frequent menstrual cycles with duration > 8 days affect fertility

Menometrorrhagia is usually associated with an underlying condition that can eventually lead to infertility. In case of bleeding due to anovulatory cycles, the woman is infertile simply because no egg is released, but fortunately, such cycles are usually present at the beginning of fertile period and tend to be quickly replaced by regular, ovulatory cycles. Uterine fibroids may also cause infertility depending on their localization, with submucosal ones being the most symptomatic, as they can prevent the fertilized egg from successfully implanting in the endometrium. Large or multiple uterine fibroids causing pelvic pain, anemia, or other complications may even require surgical removal of the uterus. Also in cases of uterine cancer, the uterus is usually surgically removed during treatment.

Pic. 1: Menorrhagia
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