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Hypospadias treatments

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How can Hypospadias affect fertility

In cases of penile curvatures, sexual intercourse may be difficult. Penile angulation (curvature) not only causes potential sexual dysfunction, difficulty and pain during intercourse, or total coital incapacity, but also causes severe psychological problems. 

Hypospadias places the urinary opening on the underside of the penis and this can prevent sperms from reaching the cervix. Surgical correction of hypospadia should solve the fertility problems, the curve of penis is straightened and ejaculation can flow properly forward.

Hypospadias is very often associated with cryptorchidism, which leads to impairment of sperm production in undescended testicles. Some studies also shows increase of antisperm antibodies in children born with hypospadias.

Pic. 1: Hypospadias
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