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Low level of AMH treatments

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How can Low level of AMH affect fertility

Female fertility

Serum level of AMH is associated better with a decline of oocytes/follicles over time. AMH serum level can be measured at any time of cycle and the serum level is not affected by consumption of oral contraceptive pills (OCP), against serum level of FSH and other markers. Premature ovarian failure is one of the causes of infertility which is described as a decline in ovarian function and ovarian response to FSH and reduction of estrogen level. POF occurs before forth decade of life - earlier than physiologic menopause that occurs in fifth decade of life, and is similarly associated with lowered or undetectable levels of AMH.

Male fertility

In males, AMH level rises until puberty and then steadily declines for the rest of the patient’s life. Low or undetectable AMH levels in young boys with non-palpable testes may indicate absence of testicular tissue, a condition known as anorchia, which leads to infertility. No functional testicular tissue in the body means that the male is not able to produce sperm, and is therefore infertile.

Pic. 1: AMH reference range
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