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This application helps to propose an appropriate fertility therapy method and to find the most suitable clinic worldwide based on the price, duration and legislative options of the treatment in various countries.

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How can Low level of estrogen affect fertility

In women, hypoestrogenism causes an anovulatory infertility and a decrease in menstruation. When anovulation takes place, most women will appear to menstruate as normal, but ovulation will not occur and no egg is released and cannot be fertilized. In some women, menstruation may disappear altogether (secondary amenorrhea). In others, menstruation may become irregular or menstrual flow may change.

In these cases, there is still possibility to conceive a child, but it depends on frequency of spontaneous ovulation. In severe cases, an estrogen deficiency may also contribute to infertility. 

Pic. 1: Reference range of etrogen.
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