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Pituitary apoplexy treatments

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How can Pituitary apoplexy affect fertility

Increased compression of the normal gland can cause hormone insufficiency, called hypopituitarism leading to sex hormone abnormalities. Thus, defective egg or sperm development results in infertility and natural conceiving should be impaired.

Female fertility

Reduction of sex hormones, luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), can lead to infertility due to hormone imbalances and decreased libido. Elevated blood prolactin levels can lead to reduction or loss of menstrual periods and/or breast milk production (galactorrhea) in premenopausal women. 

Male fertility

In men, decreased level of FSH and LH can lead to a low testosterone level, causing decreased sexual drive and impotence. Diminished secretion of LH/FSH can also result in failure of gonadal function (hypogonadism). This condition is typically manifested in males as failure in production of normal numbers of sperm.

Pic. 1: Mechanisms contributing to the clinical picture in pituitary apoplexy.
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