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This application helps to propose an appropriate fertility therapy method and to find the most suitable clinic worldwide based on the price, duration and legislative options of the treatment in various countries.

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How can Surgical termination of pregnancy affect fertility

Especially in women after multiple surgical abortions, there is a higher risk of damage to cervix or uterus in the process because any instrument is inserted inside the uterus can potentially cause scarring in these areas, especially when it's done multiple times. However, surgical removal of the scar tissue can usually solve the problem and restore fertility.

Having multiple abortions can result in a higher risk that the placenta will implant abnormally in future pregnancies. Since it doesn’t affect fertility it is an obstetrical complication of abortions.

An increased risk of premature delivery was found following multiple surgical, but not first trimester, medical IAs. While this could reflect the effect of repeated surgical trauma to the cervix, this needs further exploration in future studies with long-term periods of follow-up.

Pic. 1: Vacuum-aspiration.
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