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Tight clothing treatments

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How can Tight clothing affect fertility



Candidiasis is the second common vaginal infection. The main signs of candidiasis are irritation or stimulation or both. Vaginal secretion is like coagulated cheese, in a strong, white-like and profuse amount. Factors like age, pregnancy condition, sexual relations, diabetes, the weakness of the immune system, using antibiotics, mechanical factors and wearing tight nylon clothes are among the facilitating factors that cause this infection. Due to Candidiasis, vaginal environment becomes very unbalanced and makes it harder for the sperm to reach the cervical opening. 

Breast cancer 

How breast cancer treatment affects fertility depends largely on three factors: the type of treatment used, type and stage of the cancer at diagnosis, and the age of the patient. Some treatments for breast cancer can cause temporary infertility or make it harder to get pregnant after treatment ends. Other treatments cause permanent and irreversible menopause. 


Sperm are made in the testes, a pair of egg-shaped glands that sit in the scrotum, in a lengthy and continuous process. It takes about 70 days for germ cells to develop into the mature sperm, found in semen, that can fertilise an egg. The location of the testes in the scrotum makes the testes vulnerable to trauma, but it serves a strategic purpose – to keep them around 2°C cooler than normal body temperature, which is required for the production of top-quality sperm.

Normally, the sweating of the scrotal skin serves as an “evaporative air cooling system” for the testes. But if it’s too hot and the scrotum can’t sweat, the testes will have trouble making sperm.

If the testes are too hot for too long, sperm production is interrupted and won’t return to normal until their temperature returns to normal. It can take a few months of keeping the testicles at a normal temperature for sperm counts to improve if they have been lowered by heat stress.

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