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Tubal surgery treatments

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How can Tubal surgery affect fertility

Every surgery could be accompanied with complications such as scarring and adhesions of Fallopian tube(s) due to inflammatory and immune reaction after interference into the body. This all can lead to blockade of oocyte pathway and the oocyte is not capable of transportation to the uterus, where the implantation is done.

Also any tubal surgery has higher risk of ectopic pregnancy in the future. For most tubal ectopic pregnancies (EP) immediate surgery is the treatment of first choice. In most cases, the Fallopian tube must be removed whole but there are other possibilities.

Surgical treatment should be performed conservatively (salpingostomy) or radically (salpingectomy) in women wishing to preserve their reproductive capacity, but it is subject to debate. 

Salpingostomy preserves the tube, but bears the risks of repeat ipsilateral (on the same side) tubal EP. Salpingectomy, avoids these risks, but leaves only one tube for reproductive capacity.

Pic. 1: Hydrosalpinx
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